News!!! Club100 Merchandise is Here!!!

Often requested, and spending a long time on our to do list, our first official merchandise is finally ready.

In keeping with our leader’s ethos, of ‘it’s got to be just right’, ‘keeping it simple’, the man who is epitome of smart, casual cool on race days, even in shorts and t-shirt, which I cannot remember ever being creased or crumpled and I am sure they are always perfectly ironed. John Vigor has finally got around to launching a clothing line with the help of our merchandising partner JUSTSO Clothing & Merchandise Ltd.

John has spent 30 years making sure Club100 is always presented in it’s very best light, that the product could be as good as it can be, in a word – Quality. Our merchandise is entirely in keeping with that, it’s smart, classy, simple, and after a perusal, comes with an impressive variety of items, too many to list here (over 40 items), and many in a fantastic range of colours. The perfect gift for him or her, the cut wiIl be razor sharp, for both boys and girls, men and women, and the colours will be bright and long lasting, as you would expect from the only man I know who can pull off wearing a tuxedo (outside of a James Bond movie). He likes good clothing. So please come this way to our clothing emporium…

We’ve been approached by many companies far and wide, however we wouldn’t let just anyone produce and market our merchandise, so we have partnered with people we know, know our brand, and our values, and have raced with us for over 25years, and they are already part of the Club100 family. So you can shop with confidence through our partners, JUSTSO Clothing & Merchandise Ltd, a name many of you already know from their excellent embroidery and who have long supplied our staff clothing. It’s been weather and machine tested. So you can now dress like your favourite member of staff, or perhaps dress like the quickest one, it is up to you.

A little history on the Club100 Racing brand.

Club100 karting is 30 years old, and our logo through all it’s variations is known, instantly recognised and respected in our industry. We continue to grow and innovate. We are a leader in our industry. In it’s legacy form our logo has adorned a multiple Formula 1 world champion when he started out in karting, and you know who we mean. Our logo turns up on race cars regularly, like Garrett Berry in French Formula 4, because our drivers like to display their racing roots, and people know what Club100 Racing stands for. Our brand raced at the 2015 Le Mans 24hours on Alex Kapadia’s Porsche, and on chatting to Le Mans winner Oliver Turvey mid race, he remarked to me that he smiled, surprised when he saw our logo for the first time on the Mulsanne straight, and then every time he passed the Club100 car, as he fondly remembered his races in our karts.

Having said all of that this particular collection is not looking to our past but to our present and future, all of the items sport our current logo, and while yes the items are designed to be worn to the track they should equally be at home in any smart casual setting, training, sporting or leisure activity. Simple, smart, classy. There’s definitely some items that we expect to see in a winter instagram from the piste or a Facebook update stepping on to the deck of a yacht.

So let them know what you love to do. Club100 Racing.

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