The BUKC is now licenced by the UK governing body of motorsport - Motorsport UK


In December 2020, the BUKC became an officially licenced championship under the UK's governing body of motorsport - Motorsport UK.

All competitors now need to obtain a Motorsport UK K-X Licence to compete in the BUKC.


What is a K-X Licence?

The K-X Licence is a licence issued by governing body of motorsport - Motorsport UK. It is intended for drivers moving up from indoor karting into high performance arrive-and-drive karting.

Specifically for the BUKC, the K-X Licence sits alongside the existing BUKC race licence system. The BUKC licence system has been in place for the last few years to ensure a minimum standard of driver speed, discipline and awareness so that thet BUKC events can run in a safe and controlled manner.

For the avoidance of doubt; to race in any class of the BUKC you will need a K-X Licence, but to race in the Prems, Clubmans, Inters or Drivers Champ, you will also need a BUKC Race Licence. You do not need a K-X Licence or BUKC Race Licence to practice in the test days.


How do I obtain a K-X Licence?

You must download the following PDF form, complete it, sign-it (electronically - more on this in a moment) then email the PDF along with a passport sized photo to

IMPORTANT: Please note the following:

  • You probably ought to use a laptop or computer to fill out this application form
  • If you are an international student you MUST enter your UK address
  • You must attach a photo which would be acceptable for a passport. i.e. a well lit photo of your head and shoulders and ensure that it is cropped to size appropriately. Suggested resolution is 600w x 750h or 1200w x 1500h etc.
  • The PDF form is editable and can be signed digitally. If you're having trouble digitally signing the application form, there are some instructions below.

Download BUKC K-X Licence Application Form (PDF) here.

Digitally Signing the application form

On a Mac you can use Preview to sign a PDF. Simply follow the instructions at:

On Windows you can use Adobe Reader. Follow the instructions at:


To take part in the BUKC you need to get in touch with your university's karting team captain.

If your university is not listed above then get in touch with the organisers of the BUKC

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