Rye House

Bitesize Track Guide

by Niki Richardson

Now I’ve been driving around Rye House since the age of 4 years old so you could say that I know the circuit quite well! It’s a quirky, tight and twisty little track which naturally produces super close racing!

Turns 1 (Stadium Bend)

So we’ll start the lap at the Start/Finish line where we are charging towards the very fast Turn 1, the famous Stadium Bend. Now Stadium has 2 apex’s but don’t be drawn in to turning in too early, you need to wait and turn in so that you hit the first apex mid-way round the bend before letting the kart drift to the middle of the track before braking for the first time as the bend starts to tighten up. Now you want to turn in hard, cut across the corner and use that nice big inside kerb which is your second apex. The key here is not to run too wide on the exit of Stadium Bend because you want to straight line the exit as much as possible which will give you the perfect line for Turn 2 (Reg’s Elbow) and your run down towards the Hairpin (Turn 3). 

Turns 2

Turn 2 is easy flat, just take a little bit of inside kerb before letting the kart run wide on the exit as we approach the formidable Turn 3 (AKA Infield Hairpin or Hairpin 1). So Hairpin 1 is your typical hairpin so the important thing here is not to attack it too much and out-brake yourself, just brake firmly and hit the apex (mid corner) before letting the kart run wide on the exit, keeping away from the big stack of tyres.

Turn 3 (Hairpin 1)

Hairpin 1 is the best place to make an overtake, but be careful not to overshoot as it’s easy to cut back underneath. 

Turn 4 (Hairpin 2)

So now we’re heading towards Turn 4 (Hairpin 2 or Outfield Hairpin) and on the approach you’ll go through a very slight left kink before you brake nice and firmly and then turn in. The key here is to not turn in too early as there is a huge inside kerb and if you hit that, the balance of the kart will be affected and your run down the following back straight will be compromised. So all you need to do is gently brush the inside kerb before letting the kart run nice and wide on the exit carrying as much momentum as possible. 

Turn 5 (Pylon Bend)

Now we’re flying down the back straight heading towards Turn 5 (Pylon Bend). Pylon is a really quick, bumpy bend and all that’s required is a short stab of brake before throwing the kart into the corner, taking some inside kerb, but importantly keeping as left as possible on the exit which sets you up nicely for the following right handed Turn 6 (Complex Nouvelle).

Turn 6

As soon as you exit Pylon Bend you’ll need to brake really hard for Turn 6 and the aim here is to not thump the inside kerb and also not run too wide on the exit because that’ll compromise your entry into Turn 7, because you need to get back over to the right hand side of the circuit. This means keeping away from the huge slab like kerb on the exit, if you touch that then you’re running too wide.

Turn 7 (The Esses)

So we’re heading into the penultimate corner of the track, Turn 7 (The Essess) which goes hand in hand with the final corner on the track (Turn 8). Like I mentioned before, we should be well over to the right hand side of the track on entry which will open up Turn 7 so that as you turn in, you can aim for the final bit of inside kerb which will allow you to keep nice and left on the exit which will be the perfect line for the final bend. Turn 7 should be flat out or close to it, so maybe dab the brake if you feel that the kart keeps getting away from you.

Turn 8 (Paddock Bend)

Now we’re arriving at the all important final turn, Turn 8 (Paddock Bend). It’s important because if you mess this bend up, it’ll affect your run all the way down the pit straight and to the next braking point which is the last part of Stadium Bend! 

So on entry, we just need a quick, brief stab of brake before turning in and skimming that huge nasty inside kerb before letting the kart run nice and wide on the exit carrying all the momentum down the pit straight towards the Start/Finish line to complete the lap! Just remember, you can’t run too wide on the exit of the final bend the excess run off is mega bumpy and you’ll be liable to a track limits warning! 

Key Corners: 

  • Turn 1 (Stadium Bend)
  • Turn 4 (Hairpin 2)
  • Turn 9 (Paddock Bend)

Overtaking Opportunities 

  • Turn 1 (Stadium Bend)
  • Turn 3 (Hairpin 1)
  • Turn 5 (Pylon)