Get to grips with the fastest fleet of arrive-and-drive karts before racing in the BUKC.

If you’ve never been in a 2-stroke kart, the karts used in the BUKC are unlike anything you have ever been on. They are specially built hardcore racing machines which accelerate to 60mph in 4.5 seconds.

As such every driver racing in the BUKC must attend at least one of the test days in order to obtain their BUKC Race Licence.


To race in the Premier Class or Intermediate Class you must obtain a BUKC Race Licence.

To obtain a BUKC Race Licence you must attend at least one of the BUKC Test Days where your on track speed and safety will examined by our race instructors. The race instructors will look for the following:

  • That you are within a reasonable time of the fastest lap reference time. Typically this will mean that your fastest laps are within 110% of the reference time. Please note this percentage may vary due to conditions etc.
  • That you do not spin off every lap or two. It is important that drivers are capable of staying on the track without falling or spinning off as this creates unnecessary safety hazards for other drivers.
  • That you obey the yellow flags as required by the BUKC Rules & Regulations
  • That you have read and understood all of the BUKC Rules & Regulations. You may be asked at any time by one of our race instructors about the rules.

Our race instructors will be on hand to watch you around the track and offer you tips on how to get up to speed and drive around without spinning off. Use the race instructors to your advantage; they are there to help you.

If you do not obtain your BUKC Race Licence at the first attempt,you can book into another of the test days or you can enter into the very special Rookie Series. The Rookie Series has been designed especially for those who need a bit more time getting up to speed.

Each test day consists of 2 x 15 minute sessions per driver. The price of a test day is £75 per driver payable prior to the day.

The test days are scheduled for:.

  • Tues 17th Oct – Whilton Mill, Northamptonshire
  • Wed 18th Oct – Whilton Mill, Northamptonshire
  • Fri 3rd Nov – Buckmore Park, Kent
  • Fri 17th Nov – Whilton Mill, Northamptonshire (Rookies only)
  • Sun 28th Jan – Buckmore Park, Kent

To book into a test day speak to your university’s BUKC Captain.