24 Hour Race

The 24 hour race in June after exams is something special.

Every year up to 60 BUKC teams past and present head to Middlesborough for the annual BUKC 24 Hour Race.

Hosted after exams toward the end of June, the 24 hour race is the perfect excuse to forget about uni, get your head down to some serious hardcore endurance racing and chill out with your team mates.


The BUKC 24 Hour Race 2024 will once again be hosted at the super fast Teesside Autodrome on the full International Circuit as shown below:

The BUKC 24 Hour Race 2024 will take place at Teesside Autodrome on the weekend of the 15th and 16th June 2024


Arrival is at 7.30am. The briefing is at 8.30am. Practice will kick off at 9am. The race will start at 12.30pm.



  • 2 hours practice
  • Super Pole – One shot qualifying
  • Race Starts at 12.30pm


  • Race Ends at 12.30pm


Teesside have additional practice sessions on the Friday to book into. To book in head to the following URL and change the date to Fri 14th June:



Entry fees are £1700 per team.

Universities can enter as many teams as they wish. Graduates of the BUKC are also welcome to form their own teams or join undergraduate teams as well.


Make sure you read the BUKC 24 Hour Rules and Regulations before you turn up to the event.
And to help you prepare for it we’ve created a special BUKC 24 Hour Guide with some valuable tips which you don’t want to miss out on.

The Karts

You will be racing on Teesside’s special fleet of 24 hour racing karts: twin 200c pro-karts which will reach speeds of 70mph on the very long 1.6km International Circuit at Teesside Autodrome.

Teams are more than welcome to customise their karts to their heart’s content. In fact it is encouraged. Prizes will be awarded to the teams with the best looking karts 🙂

How to Enter

To take part in the BUKC 24 Hour Race all your team captain needs to do is email Club100 stating which uni you are from and how many teams.

Please note only your uni’s BUKC captain should enter your team. If you wish to join your uni’s BUKC team get in touch with your uni’s team captain.

To enter your team please email racing@bukc.co.uk