For drivers new to the BUKC or karting



The Rookie Series is a series of non championship events for drivers new to the BUKC or karting in general.

The series is specifically for individual drivers who have not yet attained their BUKC Race Licence or who haven't got a space in their uni's Intermediate Class teams.

The emphasis is very much on testing so that drivers can build up their skills in a more relaxed environment. Our race instructors will be on hand to hand out tips to those who need some assistance.

At the end of each Rookie Series day drivers who are deemed quick enough and safe enough will attain their BUKC Race Licence giving them the opportunity to race in any of the Intermediate Class BUKC events from that point on.


The Series

The Rookie Series takes place on the same days as the Intermediate Class race days between the start of February 2020 and the start of April 2020. Please note the dates below may change.

  • Wed 12th Feb - PFI, Lincolnshire
  • Thurs 5th March - Buckmore Park, Kent
  • Sat 14th March - GYG, North Wales
  • Sat 4th April - Clay Pigeon, Dorset

The Rookie Series is for indivivdual drivers only. It is not a team event but unis may enter as many drivers as there is space for.

The price of entry is £95 inc VAT per driver per race day.



The format of the Rookie Series is designed purely for those new to the BUKC or karting in general who need to improve their speed, experience and racing skills. Drivers who race in the Intermediate Class or Premier Class are not allowed to enter into a Rookie Series event.

Each driver will enter into 1 x 15 minute test session, 1 x 15 minute qualifying session and a 12 minute race.

Following the end of the qualifying sessions each driver will be ranked according to their 2nd fastest lap (to encourage consistency). The ranking will determine the grid for the 12 minute race. The race does not count for anything, it is not part of a championship and no points are awarded. However it's a great way to get used to racing and building up some experience.

At the end of each Rookie Series day drivers who are deemed quick enough and and safe enough will be awarded their BUKC Race Licence at which point they will be eligible to enter into BUKC Intermediate Class events from that point on.

The Rookie Series is open to a maximum of 20 drivers at each event.



At the end of the season, we host a huge party and awards ceremony the night before the final Rookie Series event. It's a huge party and everyone in the Premier class, Intermediate Class and Rookie Series are welcome.




To take part in the BUKC you need to get in touch with your university's karting team captain.

If your university is not listed above then get in touch with the organisers of the BUKC

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