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The Intermediate Class is the championship for teams and drivers who are still building up their experience in the the BUKC or karting in general. It is for those teams who take part in the Qualifiers but do not qualify for the Premier Class. The championship is contested by teams of 4 drivers over 4 race days between early February and early April each year.


The Qualifiers

Every team wishing to take part in the Intermdiate Class must take part in one of two qualifiers.

The top 54 teams from the qualifiers will qualify through to the Premier Class starting with the remaining 35 teams going though to the Intermediate Class.

The format of the qualifiers is now the following:

  • 4 x 10 minute qualifying sessions
  • 4 x 20 minute races
  • 4 x 20 minute races

The qualifying sessions will determine the grids for the first 4 races. The grid for last 4 races will be determined by the finishing positions of the first 4 races. The best 6 race results will count towards the day's final scores. The cost is £480 per team (£120 per driver)

The two qualifiers will take place on the weekend of Sat 16th & Sun 18th November 2019 at Whilton Mill (Zulu layout).


The Championship

The Intermediate Class Championship takes place over 4 single round race days between the start of February 2020 and start of April 2020. Please note the dates below may change.

  • Wed 12th Feb - PFI, Lincolnshire
  • Thurs 5th March - Buckmore Park, Kent
  • Sat 14th March - GYG, North Wales
  • Sat 4th April - Clay Pigeon, Dorset

Each team must consist of 4 drivers exactly for each round. Exceptions to this rule are detailed in the BUKC Rules & Regulations.

The price of entry is £430 inc VAT per team per race day. There are no discounts for paying up front but you can do so if you wish.



The format of the Intermdiate Class has been designed to cater for drivers of varying abilities. It consists of qualifying in the morning and racing in the afternoon. Each team will enter into 4 x 20 minute practice / qualifying sessions (last 10 minutes is qualifying only) and 4 x 25 minute races. The grid for the races are determined by the result of the qualifying sessions.

Each driver may only enter into one qualifying session and one race and the best 3 race results count towards the teams' final scores for the day.

The Intermediate Class is strictly limited to a maximum of 45 teams.


A typical race day starts arrving at the track at 7.30am when around 200 student drivers turn up for signing on. Teams travelling a fair distance tend to stay at nearby hotels or campsites the night before. The briefing is generally an hour later at 8.30. Racing usually gets underway at 9.30ish.

The 4 x 20 minute practice / qualifying sessions continue until around 1pm after which we have a short break for the team of mechanics to do a once over on the karts and to do the presentations for the morning's racing. Once the lunch break is out of the way, we start the 4 x 25 minute races. After the racing is finished (usually around around 5pm), we do the final presentations for the day and everyone heads home knackered and buzzing.

Unlike in the Premier Class, we do not hand out special BUKC gold medals for the winners of each race. Those race medals are reserved especially for the drivers of the Premier Class in recognitition of the immense challenge of winning one.



At the end of the season, we host a huge party and awards ceremony the night before the Intermediate Class finale. It's a huge party and everyone in the Premier and Intermediate classes are welcome.




To take part in the BUKC you need to get in touch with your university's karting team captain.

If your university is not listed above then get in touch with the organisers of the BUKC

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