Oxford Brookes


Jamie Dzyra

Teams for 2018:


2 - Oxford Brookes A
(Premier class)
"Chloe Morby dating group and her brother."
Matthew Lewis (Cadet, minimax, junior max, senior max)
Kyle Morby (Rental Kart championship, Junior TKM, TKM Clubman)
Gareth Haynes (TKM Extreme, TKM, Raket 85)
Jamie Dzyra (cadet S1, Minimax S1, Jnr Max S1 and Snr Max S1 )
11 - Oxford Brookes B
(Premier class)
"Chloe Morby appreciation group, with the hopes of not being as useless and beating the C Team. "
Jack Ransom (TKM )
Daniel Burgess (Red Lodge rental summer champion 2011, BSKC NationalFinal 2012)
Piers Pakenham-Walsh (Dubai Rotax Junior/Senior/DD2, Rotax Grand Finals 2014/2015 DD2 Class)
Joe Bleackley (Jnr/Snr Rotax MSA)