De Montfort


Christian Bessell

Vice Captain:

Xiangyu Long

Teams for 2018:


De Montfort A
"The majority of us are new to the BUKC! Should be fun. As if Leicester have a chance pfftttt ;) "
Taijan Patel (Arks licence )
Gabriella Martinez de Luca (Cadet, Rotax MiniMax, kf3, X30, Rotax Max, kz)
Xiangyu Long (CLUB 100 D-MAX Rally)
Christian Bessell (British 24h, Formula Student- Endurance, BRKC, BSKC and the Lap Record holder @ JDR Karting.)
De Montfort B
Zak Plumb
Ollie Ainscough (No race classes, just karting days and track days.)
Sion Rees (Karting)
Bradley Ward (None)