What the Buckmore? | BUKC 2017 Rounds 1 & 2

Published February 08, 2017 21:25

BUKC 2017 got underway last week at a wet and wild Buckmore Park. With 15 races over two days, plus six qualifying sessions and a brief test, the action came thick and fast, but if you’re more of a slow and steady kind of guy (like everyone at that Uni no one likes am I right guys?), the written recap is here!

Round 1

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We found Buckmore in a damp, but not too cold state. Rain was intermittent across the two days

As usual, Round 1 comprised of 6 sprint races, each 25 minutes long, with every driver from a team of 4 competing in one. Fastest out of the blocks in Race 1 was Kyle Morby of Oxford Brookes A, but Darryl Evans of Loughborough A assumed control over the race as the Brookes kart spun through the hairpins. Kyle recovered to finish second to Darryl, with Exeter A finishing 3rd.

Race 2 saw a similarly dominant win for Sam Spinnael in the Hertfordshire A kart. Callum Hughes and Dan Barber of Oxford A and Nottingham A respectively gave chase, but Sam took the chequered flag leading Callum over the line with a 4s gap, Dan a further 22s up the road.

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We're using everyone's snapchats in the race review! Crazy I know!

In Race 3, Michael Grebe held an early lead for Queen Mary A. Matthew Lewis of Oxford Brookes C also took a turn in first place, but the win eventually went to fastest man on track, Tom Seddon of Nottingham A. Alistair Senior was a very impressive 2nd for Cambridge A, coming through from 27th on the gird, whilst Gareth Haynes of Brookes A came home 3rd.

Perhaps the biggest drama of the day came in Race 4. Josh Gollin (Liverpool A) lead the majority of the race, with Toti James Misso (Leeds Beckett A) spending most of the race in 2nd. Toti took a spin in the Leeds Beckett kart, allowing Warwick A's Callum Brewell and Heriot Watt's Scott Beattie to fill the podium places, but the best (worst?) was yet to come. Josh Gollin converted his lead into a lights to flag to victory, and 30s later, Callum crossed the line after him, but Scott Beattie spun his kart on the exit of Café Curve, mere metres before the line. Heriot Watt were denied a podium, and Adrian Porter of Swansea A capitalised to complete the podium.

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Shotgun not telling Stu he's sacked!

The penultimate sprint of the day, Race 5, started with Oliver Basey-Fisher leading for Reading. James Lambton (Oxford A) put pressure on Oliver throughout, and the race went down to the wire. With less than a second’s difference at its most tense, Basey-Fisher held off Lambton to win by a 5s gap. Behind them, a top drive from Alistair Mallard (Exeter A) took him from 21st on the grid to 3rd.

Our last sprint, Race 6, saw Sean Dorling, Jamie Dyzra, Piers Pryor, Murray Knott, Titas Bucelis and Jess Alexander, all podium quality in the November qualifiers, step into the karts. Kirk Langley was out in front for Southampton B early on, but Piers Prior (Loughborough A) was the one to bring his qualifiers to Round 1, taking both Jamie Dyzra (Brookes A) and Richard Morris (Cambridge A) on the same lap. He then claimed the lead, and Morris followed him through to 2nd. Kirk Langley held 3rd before his rallycross roots reared and he took a spin, gifting 3rd to Elis Jackson of Imperial A.

Once all the sprinting was said and done, we revealed our Round 1 winners! In the intermediate class, congratulations go to Liverpool A in 1st, Nottingham Trent in 2nd, and Kings College A in 3rd!

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And in our premier class, taking the round win, congratulations to Loughborough A! Nottingham A came 2nd and Oxford Brookes A 3rd!

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Round 2

In the first endurance race of BUKC 2017, Kyle Morby was the pacesetter for Brookes A. He shared the race with Rokas Leonavicius, who came out of the pits ahead of Southampton’s A and B. Huddersfield A were also in the mix for a podium, but with the hour up Kyle and Rokas took the win, with Southampton A 2nd, and Exeter A eventually finishing 3rd.

Endurance 2 saw some different tactics. Early pace setters were Oliver Basey-Fisher (Reading), Matt Lewis (Brookes C) and Callum Hughes (Oxford). At the pit stops, Basey-Fisher stayed in the kart for Reading, with the hope of saving themselves a vital few seconds. Louis Nicholson (Oxford) took the lead however, with Dan Burgess (Brookes C) 3rd. Brookes C had the stronger second half hour of the race, which seemed to be sewn up for Oxford until a mistake dropped them out of the running. Matt Lewis & Dan Burgess went on to win Enduro 2 for Brookes C, with Ryan Chalmers and Aaron Short 2nd for Coventry A, and Sam Nash and Tom Constance 3rd for Brunel.

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The lights came on for the last of Wednesday’s races. Oxford Brookes showed strength early on, with their B team leading As. After the first round of pit-stops however, Sam Spinnael emerged in front for Hertfordshire A, and from there proceeded to outclass the rest of the field. Paired with former F2 driver Ramon Piñeiro, Hertfordshire A comfortably won the final race of the day. Oxford Brookes A (Jamie Dyzra and Gareth Haynes) came through in 2nd to win Round 2 overall. Pier Prior and Tom Thickpenny of Loughborough A took 3rd.

At the end of the day, those who fancied themselves successful gathered for the podiums. Our Round 2 intermediate class winners were Strathclyde A! Leeds Beckett finished 2nd, and Brighton A were 3rd!

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Which finally takes us to the Round 2 premier class podium! Congratulations to Brookes A in 1st, the only team to step onto the podium twice on Wednesday! Brookes C followed them with an impressive 2nd, and Cambridge A were 3rd! This means Brookes A and C sit 1st and 3rd in the championship respectively, spilt by the Loughborough A team. Nottingham, Exeter and Cambridge lead the chasing pack!

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Rookies Round 1

On Thursday, the rookies championship got underway in similar conditions to the main championship. In Race 1, UWTSD C were winners out on track, but the eagle-eyed detectives of Team BUKC spied their use of a driver from the day before, meaning Surrey A took full point. Durham benefitted with a promotion to second, whilst storming drives from Cambridge B and Cardiff A garnered 3rd and 4th respectively.

Plymouth A won Race 2 with an eligible driver, and a quick one at that, recording a fastest lap way ahead of the rest of the field. Surrey A and B scored good points as well, and I personally came through from last to 6th in the race, in a performance my mum has described as “pleasing”.

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B teams ruled the roost in Race 3. Surrey B earned a hard-fought lead from 20th on the grid, and Liverpool B were 6s behind in 2nd. Edinburgh A made up the podium in 3rd.
Race 4 was another from-the-back adventure, with Manchester A converting a 29th place grid slot into a victory (I’m beginning to think the results part of this site is slightly amiss…). Kings College B finished 2nd, Edinburgh A 3rd.

A real head to head battle in Race 5 saw Hertfordshire B line up alongside Plymouth A on the front row of the grid. Hertfordshire dropped out of the reckoning early on, allowing Plymouth to open up a credible lead, but an incredible comeback meant Hertfordshire B snatched victory from Plymouth A on the very last lap!

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In our last race at Buckmore this year, UWE B claimed victory with a non-points scoring driver, and Cardiff A followed in 2nd but had a penalty. 3rd placed Manchester B therefore took home top marks, in a slightly confusing conclusion to Rookies Round 1!

To conclude, Surrey A win Rookies Round 1! Plymouth A earned themselves 2nd, and Manchester A were 3rd!

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See you all in a week at Rye House! Don’t forget to bring the cake…

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