Wet, wet, Whilton | BUKC Qualifying 2016

Published November 16, 2015 19:05

Well, as you may have noticed if you follow us on social media, the BUKC is well and truly back. Months of waiting is at an end!

Almost 90 teams made the journey to the heart of England on the 13/14th November for two days of incredible racing at Whilton Mill in Northampton, all to find out just who will be competing to be champions of the three BUKC classes for 2016. And, you’ll never guess what - in November, it was forecast to rain. Can you believe it?!

Friday Qualifying

40 teams were in contention during the first day of racing, with the top 25 qualifying for the national championship. With rainfall soaking the track at the beginning of the day, lap times reflected the tricky conditions - perfect time for the captains to discover the true wet weather specialists in their teams!

Q1 - Exeter B, 1:03.194
Q2 - UCLan B, 1:00.522
Q3 - Oxford C, 59.366
Q4 - Southampton A, 58.771
Q5 - Oxford Brookes B, 53.236

Friday Round 1

Despite just the B team taking a single pole position, it was the teams from Oxford Brookes that capitalised early on in the drying conditions, with their A or B teams finishing on the podium in every single race in Round 1. Only newcomers UCLan managed to hold onto their pole position, with both their teams finishing strongly in their first ever round of competitive racing in the main BUKC championship.

R1 - 1ST: Sheffield A, 2ND: Cardiff A, 3RD: Oxford Brookes A
R2 - 1ST: UCLan B, 2ND: Oxford Brookes B, 3RD: Brighton A
R3 - 1ST: Oxford Brookes A, 2ND: Cardiff A, 3RD: York A
R4 - 1ST: Oxford Brookes A, 2ND: Oxford C, 3RD: York A
R5 - 1ST: Kingston B, 2ND: Oxford Brookes B, 3RD: Oxford C

12240349 10153436673319864 2603266477875714604 O

Friday Round 2

The second round of racing sees the teams line up on the grid depending on where they finished in the first five races - but drivers are not required to do the same race again - meaning that a real tactical element came into play. Do you put your quickest drivers on the higher grid slots to guarantee a good finish, or lower to salvage the race? Decisions…

Into the racing and Sheffield A’s tactical choice worked wonders, as they converted pole to a dominant win, by over 10 seconds ahead of the rest of the field! UCLan’s B team followed suit in a flag to flag win, with Oxford Brookes once again featuring in almost every race at the top of the table.

12240401 10153436686254864 2702709582084490391 O

It should be noted that Oxford C’s results seem entirely out of the ordinary (beating their A/B teams in nearly every race) because their team are particularly fond of the number assigned to the team this season…#69. Ahem.

R6 - 1ST: Sheffield A, 2ND: Oxford Brookes B, 3RD: Oxford C
R7 - 1ST: UCLan B, 2ND: Exeter B, 3RD: Cardiff A
R8 - 1ST: Oxford Brookes A, 2ND: Oxford Brookes B, 3RD: York A
R9 - 1ST: Southampton A, 2ND: Sheffield A, 3RD: Oxford Brookes A
R10 - 1ST: Oxford C, 2ND: UWS A, 3RD: Cambridge A

With the racing over on the first day of qualifying, the all important top 25 teams looked like this:

Screen Shot 2015 11 16 At 19.19.55

A dominant performance across the 10 races saw Oxford Brookes complete a 1-2 on the podium, with their A team tying on points (350 overall after two drop scores) and only beating their B team on count-back! Oxford C (actually their A team) finished in 3rd position with 339 points.

12247951 10153436706734864 420536977508994118 O

Congratulations to all the qualifying teams, and to the top 12 that will make up the first half of the Premier class grid for the 2016 season.

Results for the entire day’s racing can be found here: http://bukc.co.uk/results/2016/FRIQ

Saturday Qualifying

After a day of mixed conditions, Saturday promised to be no different - but to everyone’s amazement the days racing began on a dry circuit. Cold weather and a dry track had the Club100 karts singing, with the #3 Coventry A and reigning champions Huddersfield A sharing the pole positions between them - rainfall beginning to affect the final two qualifying sessions as the early fortunate weather gave way to a heavy rain shower.

Q1 - Coventry A, 45.115
Q2 - Huddersfield A, 44.944
Q3 - Coventry A, 45.415
Q4 - Coventry A, 58.260
Q5 - Huddersfield A, 59.850

12240487 10153436694784864 4979733955756719371 O

Saturday Round 1

Huddersfield A were aiming to get their title defence off to a good start in the 2016 season, but the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry as misfortune and the heavy rainfall saw them only gain a single podium finish despite two pole positions - a race 4 3rd place. Coventry A however managed to capitalise on the majority of their excellent qualifying sessions, securing back-to-back wins in races 3 and 4.

R1 - 1ST: Leeds Beckett A, 2ND: Bath A, 3RD: Imperial A
R2 - 1ST: Loughborough A, 2ND: Coventry A, 3RD: Leeds A
R3 - 1ST: Coventry A, 2ND: Brunel A, 3RD: UWTSD A
R4 - 1ST: Coventry A, 2ND: Warwick A, 3RD: Huddersfield A
R5 - 1ST: Leeds Beckett A, 2ND: Imperial A, 3RD: Queen Mary A

12240892 10153436667044864 8768100990439790943 O

Saturday Round 2

The rainfall continued to dog proceedings in the second half of the day, with Leeds Beckett A’s James Misso completing a fantastic double - winning both his races to leave the northern team in an excellent position, combined with a final race win courtesy of BTCC driver Max Coates. Huddersfield A began to recover with two 2nd places, but it was Coventry A that cemented the round win with their Race 9 win and two 2nd places being enough to hold off a strong Leeds Beckett A.

R6 - 1ST: Leeds Beckett A, 2ND: Huddersfield A, 3RD: Heriot Watt B
R7 - 1ST: Loughborough A, 2ND: Coventry A, 3RD: Nottingham A
R8 - 1ST: Brunel A, 2ND: Coventry A, 3RD: Birmingham B
R9 - 1ST: Coventry A, 2ND: Huddersfield A, 3RD: Warwick A
R10 - 1ST: Leeds Beckett A, 2ND: UWTSD A, 3RD: Birmingham A

12244760 10153436708544864 355395095443337092 O

Congratulations to Coventry A on the round win - 357 points beating Leeds Beckett A (finishing on 342) and Nottingham A (338 points).

The top 19 teams from day 2 qualified through to the main championship, with the top 14 making up the remainder of the Premier Class grid. Congratulations to all the qualifying teams:

Screen Shot 2015 11 16 At 19.20.14

Full results from the 2nd day of racing can be seen here: http://bukc.co.uk/results/2016/SATQ

Following the Christmas break (we imagine a few wet suits will be on your lists to Santa this year?), the BUKC will return with the final pre-season test on the 27th January - with the season kicking off at Buckmore Park the week after on the 3rd February. Until then, have a fantastic Christmas, a lovely New Year, and we’ll see you next year for the #BUKC2016!

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