BUKC with your own kart!

Published April 01, 2015 09:39

The BUKC can announce today long-held plans for the future of the championship - the introduction of owner-driver karts to the series.

Rotax Portimao 002

Starting from the 2016 season, student teams will be able to enter their own karts for the first time. Utilising the already extremely popular Rotax Max engine, the change will give engineers the chance to utilise their relevant skill-sets and have a real positive impact on their education.

Championship founder Will Tew, stepping out of his brand new Audi TT, commented "It's been an ambition of mine for many years now to bring owner-driver karting to the student market. Using Rotax engines, which are already extremely abundant in the UK, will ensure that the costs involved don't increase all that much really."

The current formula will remain, with the new owner-driver class running in tandem - much like the popular FIA World Endurance Championship. This gives student teams a real choice when competing in the BUKC in the future, especially for those teams that are well supported by their student-unions and simply cannot find ways to spend the rest of their money.

Arrive-and-drive packages for the new engine formula will also be offered, with popular kart teams attending each race day to provide trackside support facilities and full mechanic assistance.

A full announcement of the details regarding this new class will be revealed in a special press release at 12pm today.

Edit: April fools :)

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