BUKC 2015 Festival - Whilton Mill

We're here! It's come so quickly hasn't it...

The final round of the BUKC 2015 is almost upon us, and that of course means that it's time for the BUKC Festival - a three day racing and partying extravaganza!

DATES: Friday 27th - Sunday 29th March

LOCATION: Whilton Mill

Friday 27th

ROOKIES! It's the final round of the Rookies championship. A full day of qualifiers and sprint races, finishing around 5pm.

After the racing is finished we'll have presentations for the round winners but the overall championship presentation will take place the next day - at the BUKC Awards.

We'll have a bar open after the racing for few chilled out drinks.

Saturday 28th

Here we go! The finals the BUKC 2015. A packed day of sprints and endurances, and we'll finally find out who can hold their nerve to be crowned BUKC Champions 2015.

During the day there will be Red Bull on tap, the amazing Whilton Mill catering, and lots to see and do.

Then, to the evening...

You might have heard rumours about the fabled BUKC End of Year Party. Even seen pictures. Well now, you get to experience the phenomenon.


Held directly after the final round this year at Whilton Mill (Saturday 28th), it's the perfect opportunity to unwind and have a few (who are we kidding - lots of) drinks and prepare yourself for the next day's drivers championship the only way students know how...with a hangover!

We kick proceedings off with the BUKC Awards - where the winners of the BUKC classes get to collect their trophies and you get the chance to bask in their magnificence. They've earned it!

After the trophies are presented it's straight into the Awards. This year we have the following:

  • Team of the Year
  • Driver of the Year
  • Newcomer of the Year
  • Bandit of the Year
  • Crash of the Year
  • Best Media Team
  • Best Road Trip/Highlights Video
  • Best 'Professional' Photo
  • Best 'Amateur' Photo

Full details and how to enter the competitions can be found here: http://www.bukc.co.uk/competitions

We've got a huge marquee, the enormous Red Bull Wigwam, and the absolutely epic Red Bull Function 1 sound system.

There's a BBQ, a fully stocked bar, the annual BUKC football match (weather permitting!), live DJ's (The return of both Brother Mike (Will's Brother) AAAAAND DJ Dizzy Twilight - Will's mum - check her out; she's awesome!), drinking games, a theme ('Big Mick' is our theme this year, so we're giving every single person a fake moustache in tribute to him) and lots and lots of fun. You do not want to miss out!

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Absolutely not! It's totally free to attend, so tell all your friends, bring your fan club and your groupies...bring your parents if you want! (We don't take any responsibility for any 'golden-child' impressions being ruined at the party). Just bring money for the bar!

Sunday 29th

A day of hard core sprint racing! 

We have dedicated a whole day to the Drivers Championship. 64 lightweight drivers, 64 heavyweight drivers and 96 Graduates all battling it out as hard as they can to become champion!

After the finals of all three classes, the top 10 lightweights, top 10 heavyweights and top 10 graduates will race in a special All Star Super Star Final to truly find out who is the best BUKC driver of all time.

If you're not racing, come and watch instead - the drivers championship's combination of short heats and sprint races make the racing some of the most intense you'll ever see in the BUKC - no such thing as team mates here!

All in all, it's going to be an absolutely incredible three days of BUKC action. Make sure you stick around for all of it!

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