Luke Bittenbinder


Racing Experience:
"SCCA Improved Touring, SCCA Production, Historic"

Racing History:
"i'm a rather interesting case in that I never did Karting growing up in America. I jumped right into touring cars after years of sim racing, and completed my racing school in 2012 at the age of 17 and the rest of the season running a borrowed Honda CRX touring car. 2013 was my busiest season to date, campaigning a Prod class VW Mk2 Golf across the Northeast of America. Mechanical failures plagued the car, but I ended up 2nd in the regional championship, with 5 race wins. 2014,15,and 16 all have comprised a mix of SCCA racing with the Golf and Historic racing with a Lotus Europa that my Dad and I spent 5 years building. My favorite racing moment would have to be racing the Lotus in the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix on the insanely dangerous street course around Schenley Park after going to that event my whole life as a spectator. I've done a fair bit of karting (4 stroke) as well around the same time span as I was lucky enough to live relatively close to a circuit."