Will Stowell


Racing Experience:
"Comer cadet (club), Easykart cadet (UK, IT, EU, Int), Easykart junior (UK, IT, EU, Int), KF3 (S1, WSK[EU], CIK[EU], DKM[Ger]), KF2 (DKM[Ger], CIK[EU]), KF (DKM[Ger]), KZ (club), OK (S1), TCR (touring cars[Ger])"

Racing History:
"Started at age 10. Raced internationally in Easykart, KF3, KF2 and KF including podiums in KF in the German championship. Selected for Easykart Driver Program and then got Birel factory team drive for my performance (2010-2012). Finished 6th from grid 34 in German champs KF2. Multiple wins at club and national level. 2nd in Easykart UK cadet championship (2009). 3rd Easykart UK cadet championship (2010). 2nd Cheshire KRC cadet championship (2010). 10th Easykart world finals cadets (of 116) (after 1st corner crash left me 34th) (2010). 11th KF3 Super One (2013). 7th KF German championship (2015). 2nd in Shennington KZ winter series (2016). JBR Motorsport junior driver program for TCR (touring cars) Germany. "