Oliver Wheddon


Racing Experience:
"Club100, SWS, Pro Kart, Rotax, 4 Stoke, TKM"

Racing History:
"2014 SWS Le Mans World Finals. 2016 SWS World Finalist at RKC. 2015 Team Endurance National Champions and 5th in the World. 2013 Iron Man Champion Buckmore Park. 2015 6 Hour Endurance Winner. 2008 & 2009 Topkatz Runner Up. 2010 Race Winner Pro Karting at PFI, Pro Kart Red Lodge Race Winner. 2012 Clic Sargent Winner. 2011 Red Lodge Formula 270 3rd Place & Clic Sargent Race Winner. 2012 Iron Man Championship 3rd Place. 2012 6 Hour endurance runner up Buckmore park. 2012 Formula 270 3rd Place, 6 Hour Endurance 3rd Place, 24 Hour Buckmore Park Runner Up and EKL Sprint Race Winner. 2014 CovKartSport Open Championship race wins."