Josh Mitchell

Heriot Watt

Racing Experience:
"BUKC '15 '16, Snr Max"

Racing History:
"(2011) First sat in a kart for my 16th birthday at an indoor track in Falkirk. Went the occasional time, wasn't too great. (2013) Got my first job at Xtreme karting in Edinburgh and learned racing lines, braking points from regulars and I became one of the fastest people to go around. (2014) Learned my university had a karting team and decided to join. First event was at Raceland, a local outdoor corporate karting centre, and I got on the pace fairly quick having never driven outdoors before and was one of the fastest people there. Got invited to try BUKC the following year, I was also asked if I had ever driven a two stroke to which I replied "what's that". November 2014 at Qualifiers for the 2015 season was the first time I sat in a two stroke kart and I was blown away by the speed and power of the machines. Fair to say I was quite a bit off the pace but I kept it on track and secured decent points which landed me my spot on the A team for the 2015 season. (2015) massive learning year from me as I went from never having driven a two stroke at the end of 2014 to now challenging for podiums at the last sprint round at whilton mill. Progress was all thanks to some tuition from fellow team mate Scott Beattie who helped me improve my seating position, steering input, braking and loads more as we analysed go pro footage after most test days and races. In the space of a year I've gone from not knowing what a two stroke even was to competing at the front of BUKC and hopefully challenging for race wins in the 2016 season. I also now race Senior Max at E.S.K.C and I'm already showing promise to be a front runner in next years club championship. It's crazy the difference a year makes! "