Drivers Championship 2017


Dc Clay

  • What is it? Proper sprint racing. Against your team mates and everyone else. It's the best way to finish the season.
  • What is the format? Each driver will race in 2 x 10 minute heats plus a 12 minute A or B final. Grids will be randomly allocated for the first heat, and reversed for the second. The results of the two heats determine where you qualify in the A or B final. 
  • How much is it? £69 inc VAT per driver. Also, free entry to the party, yey!
  • When is it? Sunday 2nd April at Whilton Mill.
  • What are the minimum weight thresholds? Lightweight: 75KG, Heavyweight: 82KG, Super Heavyweight: 90KG
  • I hear there are 2 different weight classes? That's right, almost. There are actually 3 classes: Lightweights, Heavyweights and Super Heavyweights but the Super Heavyweights will run within the Heavyweight class.
  • How many drivers will be there in each class There will be 64 lightweights and 64 heavyweights (including super heavyweights)
  • Can I register my team mates? No, drivers must register individually
  • How do I register? 6pm, Wednesday 22nd February April. Link will appear at the top of this page!
  • What is the prize? Kudos, brownie points, a medal, a nice trophy and the admiration of all the BUKC drivers, and maybe something else a bit extra special. TBA!
  • What's this Super Final I've heard about? The top 10 Lightweights and top 10 Heavyweights will race against each other and the top 10 Graduates straight after all the finals to find out who really is the best BUKC driver of all time!

Full results from previous years can be found here for 2015 here for 2014 here for 2013, here for 2012, here for 2011 and here for 2010.


2016 Lightweight Champions

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1st: Jessica Alexander (middle)
2nd: Lewis Bickers (left)
3rd: Rob Newman (right)

2016 Heavyweight Champions

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1st: Sam Moffet (middle)
2nd: Fabio Minchella (left)
3rd: Toti James Misso (right)

2016 Super-Heavyweight Champions

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1st: Andy Grant (middle)
2nd: Jamie Henderson (left)
3rd: Ben Duncalf (right)

2016 Super Final Champions

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1st: Sam Moffet (middle)
2nd: Will Van Es (left)
3rd: Miles Murphy (right)