Hundreds of students from all over the UK coming together to race wheel-to-wheel in high-performance outdoor racing karts - the kind of karts that Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button spent many years honing their skills on!

You will race at some of the best world-class outdoor karting circuits across the UK on the most powerful arrive-and-drive kart fleet in the world against some of the most succesful karters in the country who have won British karting titles, race in Formula 2, Formula Palmer Audi, Formula Renault, and British GT.

There is simply no other sporting event where novices and experienced alike will get the chance to compete against the very best.

We welcome you to the most intense, adrenalin-fuelled and exciting student championship in the world!

BUKC Video Channel


Championship Chit Chat II BUKC 2017

March 28, 2017 15:20

With the weekend fast approaching, and the 2017 BUKC title still to play for, Jacob Harris returns to the log cabin in the woods to sit by the fire and monologue over the state of the championship: Welcome to the second edition of Championship Chit Chat!


G2GYG | BUKC 2017 Rounds 5 & 6

March 25, 2017 17:09

BUKC Rookies Championship Round 3, and our Premier and Intermediate Championship Rounds 5 and 6 of 2017 were contested at Glan y Gors circuit in North Wales this month, and for the first time this year, we held our Rookies round the day before the main championship. This, coupled with the abnormally decent weather, caused no end of confusion, so Jacob Harris is here to clear things up for those still wondering what actually happened…


Championship Chit Chat | BUKC 2017

March 05, 2017 21:42

Hello and welcome to Championship Chit Chat, with the BUKC’s chit chat champion, Jacob Harris! Aside from the main round reports, I thought I’d do a quick piece about the state of the championship, in between now and GYG, and between then and finals weekend. And here it is!